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About your ceremony

Your ceremony is all about you making a heartfelt commitment to each other while surrounded by your family and friends.

It is an opportunity to make this commitment in a way that reflects your values and beliefs. It can be expressed in your own words, using readings, rituals and traditions, the way you have dreamed.

You just want to keep it simple? I can supply a standard service that includes traditional or contemporary vows.

My goal is to ensure your ceremony tells your story and that you make this heartfelt commitment in the most meaningful way to you.

What makes your ceremoney

Your ceremony can include some or all of the elements from the list below:

  • Procession of the wedding party
  • I must identify myself as the Authorised Celebrant
  • Welcome to guests
  • Giving away (parents or children or others)
  • Monitum/Section 46 - as per the Marriage Act
  • Your story
  • Your vows
  • Exchange of rings
  • Declaration of marriage
  • Reading, poem, prayer or blessing
  • Signing the Certificate of Marriage
  • Congratulations and introduction to your guests as a married couple
  • Presentation of your Certificate of Marriage

The elements in the list above in italics are legal requirements and must be included in your ceremony. Everything else in your ceremony is completely based on your wishes.

I will provide you with a folder containing numerous options and ideas. Once you make your decisions, I will draft your very own personal ceremony ready for you to consider/approve. It's that easy!

Your choices - expressing your feelings - declaring your commitment - to your future!